Simple Joys

まだ見ぬ景色 その先の

Prayer For The Yamayuri-en

I would like to send my sincere condolences and sympathies...


For those who passed away at the Yamayuri-en in Sagamihara 

May their each precious souls rest in peace


For those who are injured

Hope you will get well and recover your lives as quickly as possible


For the families who lost their love ones and those who care for

My thoughts and my prayers are with you


May God bless you all for the rest of your lives



        どうか 安らかに

        精一杯 生きて下さってありがとう




        一日も早く 回復されますように


ご遺族  ご家族  関係者の方々

        ただただ お祈りします

        苦しみ  悲しみが いつか和らぎますように



         一日も早く 平安が戻りますように


 皆さまの これからの人生が

         大いなるものに 見守られますように